Need Help Leaving Scientology?

The Aftermath Foundation exists to help those who want to leave Scientology and the Sea Organization, but lack a support system. The Aftermath Foundation will compassionately help you transition to and navigate the “outside world.”
The Aftermath Foundation logoFormer Sea Org members tend to be industrious workers but many have no employment history nor family outside of Scientology. Further, many have no formal education, bank account, driver’s license or credit history.

The challenges one encounters when leaving Scientology and the Sea Org are many. The Aftermath Foundation is devoted to providing resources, support, and advocacy to those who leave so they can gain their independence and make their way in the world. The Aftermath Foundation is also dedicated to raising public awareness of the abusive practices of Scientology.

Want to help?

The Aftermath Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization. If you’d like to help with a donation, time, or just spreading the word, please visit The Aftermath Foundation website for more information.

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