Exposing the abuses of Scientology through our stories and experiences.

Marc Headley

Marc Headley grew up in Los Angeles, California. He was raised in Scientology from the age of 6, and started working for Scientology management at 16. Marc eventually escaped in 2005 with the assistance of the local police, and has been exposing Scientology abuses for over 15 years, originally posting anonymously as “Blown for Good”. In Scientology, a “blow” is an unauthorized departure (escape), therefore if one is “blown for good” it means they’ll never return to Scientology. Marc currently serves on the board of The Aftermath Foundation.

Claire Headley

Claire Headley was born and raised in Scientology and spent 30 years in the organization. She served as a high-ranking executive at the church’s International base before escaping shortly after her husband, Marc. In 2023, Claire testified as an Expert Witness on Scientology in the Danny Masterson trial. Claire currently serves as President of The Aftermath Foundation.

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