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Blownforgood.com is a website that attempts to provide information to people that have been “disconnected” from a family member. If you are trying to get in touch with a family member or wish to get them some credible information that they will believe regarding scientology, this might be the book you should send them.

When you are on staff or even a member of Scientology and you leave without authorization, this is called a blow. Anyone who leaves is referred to as “blown.” Often times, when someone blows they are gotten back into the organization and convinced to stay. These people are referred to as “recovered.” There are however, those who blow and never go back. These people are blown for good.

The worldwide operation of Scientology is run by a group called the Sea Organization. It is estimated that there are currently around 5,000 Sea Org members worldwide. It is also estimated that there are 25,000 ex-sea org members worldwide. Many of these employees that have left can tell you that what I have written in my book are not only true, but there are far more abuses and injustices that have occurred within the Sea Organization and Scientology organizations worldwide.

The Scientology organization has openly stated that they do not practice the policy of disconnection. We know differently. Not only do they practice and promote “disconnection” amongst their members and employees, they enforce it.

We live in a time where people should be allowed to leave a group that they feel has done them wrong and not be punished for doing so. Any and all persons are welcome to submit their stories to be posted here.

Many members of Scientology have read my book and upon becoming aware of these high level abuses, decide on their own that they no longer wish to support an organization that would do such things.

In serving each other, we become free.

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