I left Scientology 25yrs ago

When I was 16yrs, I paused by $cientology Center looking into their window and was about to walk, a female $cn. staff quickly ran-out grab me in, ask to take a free personality test. After the test she told me the wrongs about me and they can help me. Convince me to cough up $100.00 […]

In and out more than meets the eye

I was in Scientology at the Mission of Riverside in California in 1976, Something was a missed each time I went their. I joined staff. I was manipulated out of inheritance money with false promises. I was asked to join sea org, I went through the process. I did not make it too much debt. […]


20 years in Scn… I was an auditor for 10 years. Some said I was the best auditor they’d ever had. Maybe. I loved the tech and I was a fierce defender of Scn. Seeing my pcs win was better than getting auditing myself. My own auditing, for the most part, was nothing short of […]

Jim Conley and Bridge Pub are why I left…

 I was only in the organization of Scientology for a year (I joined at the end of 2006, and left in 2007.)  There were things that drew me to the religion and ultimately things that caused me to leave.  What I Liked I liked the positive people at the local mission.  I liked the fact […]

Blowing with a month-old baby

At eight months pregnant with my first child, I was advised by the hospital to stop putting in the hours I was doing (10 hours at the ‘church’ on staff and four at my wog-job) or my baby would be in grave danger as he was breech and in danger of coming early. It was […]


REUNITED By Gene Decheff I have told my story of leaving the Gold/Int base at various times to various people over the last 19 years and decided to put it out there for anyone who is interested. I also decided to refuse to be intimidated, and use my real name, as the story makes it […]