STORY # 3 I left Scientology the first time in 1990, when I realized that there was “something dangerously wrong” with the Boston Org. At that time, I assumed it was a local phenomenon, and that there must be an undetected Suppressive Person high in the ranks of the Org. I remember feeling extremely alone, […]


STORY# 9 Pieter W. Here are a couple stories about my life inside Scientology. I am pretty sure I am going to get declared quite soon, so here ya go. A toxic 13-year-old in the 90s, my sister Christy and I were forced to do the purification rundown at LA Org, a Scientology course that […]


STORY #8 Part I: Beginning in Scientology (Dates, places have been omitted). I was 16. I met a person in my city while continuing with my schooling. I was in my last year of college and getting ready for university. I had some trouble with communication and one of my uncle knew a guy who […]


STORY #7 My name is Trish House.  I worked on Staff in the Sea Org intermittently for 6 years from 1983 to 1995. Like most folks I was underpaid during that time; most weeks I made $35 per week. I do have some pay stubs from later years I worked at AOLA.  I spent a […]