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In 1991-1993 the Golden Era compound was my client

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Great work Mark, I’m just now about 1/4th into the book. I was compelled to purchase due to the odd circumstances going on around me right now. No, I’m not a Scientologist, never was, never will be, but I did do a fair amount of work for the compound there in Gilman Hot Springs, as well as the Ranch. I was the pest control guy from Ecolab.

It’s weird – but just recently all these memories have been rushing back due to your book. I’ve been driven now to understand more about what it is that goes on behind the curtain. I hope that your book finds its way into the hands of folks needing to be rescued from such a misguided dictatorship.

I wonder if I ever met some of the people you know, or vice versa. I keep reading on as you describe places I’m very familiar with inside the compound.

In 1992, when I would arrive to handle my work (late at night) there was a very nice tall blond there that used to walk around with me everywhere I had to go. She had on the standard issue clothes, boots, and long straight blond hair, very pretty girl. Can’t remember her name! Sure would like to know what came of her.

There was a lady in charge of keeping the fly population down, and she took advice from me and created these large 5 gallon jugs which became traps for the flys – she placed many out around the grounds – it worked well, and she always praised my ingenuity.

I figure there are few outsiders that get access to the camp there – and I was one of them. Had interesting chats with folks there just to better understand what they were doing there.


I left Scientology 25yrs ago

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

When I was 16yrs, I paused by $cientology Center looking into their window and was about to walk, a female $cn. staff quickly ran-out grab me in, ask to take a free personality test.
After the test she told me the wrongs about me and they can help me. Convince me to cough up $100.00 signed up for Communication (Com.) Course, without my Parents written consent. Then the Hook is set in on me at that Time, I was young, stupid and gullible.
This is in early the 1970’s, I was 16yrs old just a few months away, I’ll graduate from High School ready for Technical College.The $cn. Celebrities were Issacs Hayes, Karen Black, Chick Corea. There’s a Cold War between USSR and USA.
L.Ron had HCO bulletin out. About the world have enough nuclear weapons to fry every Man Woman and Child in this Planet
There’s an urgency “To Clear This Planet”. There’s black and white potrait of L.Ron and poster slogan “let’s make this perfectly clear” with background photo of Planet Earth. in most rooms of $cn. Org.

Scientology is what it is…Pure Horseshit!

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

I joined the insanity named Scientology in 1974 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa when I was 18 years old, and it only took me three months to declare this Org a crock, and blow for good.

Whe I joined, I was nieve, homeless, and hungry.  Anyhow, I started as a letter stuffer, working 9 to 12 hours a day, for my room, board, and food. I was a content worker bee for a while, as I saw this work as only 3 hots and a cot, until something better came along. To be honest, I did not know about Scientology, nor did I care. All I knew is that I was eating regularly, and had a roof over my head.


Then I was asked to join the Sea Org.

My first day in recruitment was my last. Less than 12 hours into Sea Org training, I asked myself the classic question:

Hey, dude… what’s wrong with this picture?

The first game I played with these clowns was something called “Find The Org”. It was a day long affair where men and women dressed in these silly looking black sailor suits with white  officer’s hats  told you to find the Org  here, there and everywhere.  Then, thier speech started going funny, and they would say something like, “Org, neplasta, sotana gig.”

Anyhow, when I was released to my room for the night, my mind was saying, WTF is this shit?

Needless to say, I  blew for good  late that night, and never looked back.

Best decision I ever made.

In and out more than meets the eye

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

I was in Scientology at the Mission of Riverside in California in 1976, Something was a missed each time I went their. I joined staff. I was manipulated out of inheritance money with false promises. I was asked to join sea org, I went through the process. I did not make it too much debt. I inutitively new of hubbard on spiritual level. I digress on this.
I left back for Minnesota, life changed for me and I found out simularities in all religions that deeply engrained individuals and programs them to fit society. Not the draining the enery of the heart that the Great Spirit intends.
In 1977 I recieved a Call from Brent and Mary Corydon executive of the Mission of Riverside. I was informed that they were relieved of duties and my former auditor was in charge.
This was after I had written a complaint letter to sea org concerning ethic violations, I explained my what had occured in the violation of the dynamic and named names.
I did not inform the corydons of this notice.
I later read a book by Brent Corydon called, Madman or Messiah, A book about his experiences concerning Scientology and interviews of former scientologist.
In minneapolis, I was at the wake of Hubbards death. I feel the greatest moment in history, out side having a pope die.

Listening to Coast to Coast and doing some research on my own through other reading, Expansions, Maitreya, Christianity writings, and First wave Indigos. I discovered a formula that the leaders of the organizations were mentally mind controlled by out side resourses. Using electronics now to control the human body.
The programming goes something like this.
Monarchy government Religious/dogma
the main purpose is to control bodies and create and generate control economic resourses. Their is nothing spirital at all concerning these organizations.
This includes drug companies, psychiatry, Multi media and communications including the movie industry. It is basically designed to instill emotional fear, manipulate the fear, and create unconscious realities.
I feel this is the attempt to cover up the truth and corrupt the light that each of us were born with.
There is a Native American Expession that I would call all of these. That is Fork Tongue. Or as my dad use to say do as I say and not as I do. I feel that this is the same MO as all of the organizations follow. Or as the old saying can’t beat them Join them.

I find solice, in reading zen buddist and Tao books. I also find it a great benefit in reading Dr.
Duane Dwyer books. I hope this helps.

I will email my diagram and thoughts when I can get it down loaded into my computer.

Thank you marc for being on Coast to
Coast. I hope you are doing well, looking forward to reading you book.

sheldon oscar sach sagmo

Affidavit — David M. Rice

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

Affidavit — David M. Rice
CASE # HEMO 14371
State vs Keith Henson

Original Date: Friday, November 17, 2000, 4:20 AM
Revision Date: Wednesday, December 06, 2000 11:22 AM

My name is David Rice. I am a citizen of the United States. My residence is indeterminate due to my employment as an international boat delivery captain: I am currently acquiring visas to work and live in French Polynesia.

I have never written an Affidavit before, so please excuse my form if it is improper.

This Affidavit is in regard to the State’s contention, based upon false claims made by spokespeople of the Scientology organization, that the civil and human rights activist Keith Henson took GPS (Longitude and Latitude) readings, or caused to have GPS readings taken, of various structures on the Scientology property at Gilman Springs, near Hemet, California. The activist Keith Henson was not a party to this event and deed, and had no knowledge of the deed prior to its occurrence.

To explain the issue to the Court and the Riverside District Attorney’s Office, I must explain a bit about myself and what lead me to take the GPS readings.

In 1983 I became a civil rights activist, working specifically on First Amendment issues (the right to free expression of religion, the separation of secular and sectarian powers, and free speech).

I also worked with other Amendment issues (the right to privacy, proper search and seizure, and a woman’s right to chose abortion and have access to contraception). I have been used as a consultant to the American Civil Liberties Union in various cases involving protecting a citizen’s religious freedom; I have been a consultant for newspaper reporters on various religious rights cases; I was a member of a religious rights organization called “Cultwatch Response” (now defunct); I was a member of the Orange County Pro-Choice Coalition (now defunct); I have financially supported civil rights organizations such as Americans United and the First Amendment Research Foundation. In my defense of civil rights, I have attended many pickets and protests.

In the late 1980s I protested the Ku Klux Klan / Aryan Nation in Los Angeles county (incidentally, I supported their right to demonstrate and speak their opinion, even while I protested and criticised their opinion); I protested Bush’s Oil War (“The Gulf War”); I protested in defense of farm workers in California; I protested several California Propositions that sought to limit Mexican emigrants access to education and social services; I placed my body between “Right to Life” activists and the girls and women they sought to prevent from acquiring medical services.

In 1996 my civil rights activism lead me to learn about the human rights abuses caused by and for the Scientology organization. The brutal homicide of Lisa McPherson caused me to expand my civil rights activism into the human rights arena. My human rights activism lead me to protest and picket a few Scientology businesses (called “Orgs” and “Missions” by the Scientology organization). My religion teaches that once one becomes aware of an injustice, it is one’s spiritual and civic duty to work to end that injustice.

As punishment for expressing my right and duty to protest Scientology’s crimes and human rights abuses, the Scientology organization harassed me in several ways. They sent out goons to stalk and harass me: the stalkers followed me to the residences of my friends; the stalkers visited my previous residences and harassed the people now living there; hate literature libeling me appeared. One Scientologist was sent to stalk me and did so by sitting in his car watching me every day for about three weeks— people I talked to told me he behaved mentally ill and “freaky” and that they were afraid of him. (Since my harassers never threatened me physically, I ignored them completely.)

The harassment I was subjected to by the Scientology organization was ideal confirmation to me that my human rights activism in protesting the Scientology organization’s crimes and human rights abuses was and is fully justified.

It is my emphatic conviction, belief, and guiding religious precept that threats of any kind are a gross violation of another’s human rights: it is never justified for any reason— I therefore refuse to engage in such behavior, nor do I sit quietly and tolerate such behavior. If Mr. Henson had ever engaged in such behavior in my presence or on the Internet, I would have soundly and aggressively castigate him for it: however, HE HAS NEVER DONE SO.

On May 17, 2000, sixteen-year-old Ashlee Shaner died on the road outside the Scientology organization’s property at Gilman Springs. Standard, sensible safety precautions could have easily prevented the death. In my opinion, Scientology Inc. is slightly responsible for that death. The human rights activist Keith Henson apparently agrees with me on this issue, as he has taken up the banner of the human right to life and has gone to the Scientology property to protest that death.

Let it be known that I do not have any relationship with the human rights activist Keith Henson; we have met three or four times while working in our human rights activism. However, I believe myself to be a very good judge of a person’s character: In my opinion, for anyone to assert that Mr. Henson has threatened anyone physically is absurd; it is farcical in the extreme; it is ludicrous to claim Mr. Henson would violate the law and another’s civil and human rights at the very time he was demonstrating in support and defense of those rights! It is blatantly obvious that Mr. Henson is protesting Scientology management’s crimes and human rights abuses in defense of Scientology members, not in opposition to them. The only “threat” he poses is his speaking the truth about the Scientology organization. Scientology Inc. fears the words on Mr. Henson’s picket signs, not imaginary threats they claim he has made.

In the past five years I have never seen any Internet message from anyone suggesting violence against Scientologists or Scientology Inc. In that same time period, there has been only one web page that threatened Scientologists: that web page showed evidence that it was created by Scientology Inc. itself as fodder in its political propaganda war against the civil and human rights activists who criticize Scientology Inc. [See UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Vs. Criminal No. 78-401 MARY SUE HUBBARD, et al. See also AFFIDAVIT OF PAULETTE COOPER, 4th day of March, 1985.]

When Scientology Inc. asserts they are subjected to abuse and threats on the Internet, they are asserting a falsehood. If it were true, I and many others would be working very hard opposing such behavior.

Via the Internet I heard that Mr. Henson had allegedly been subject to assault, battery, and various forms of other harassment at the hands of Scientology goons (such as his daughter allegedly being stalked and threatened). I had heard that Mr. Henson had allegedly been forced into the highway, and subjected to the threat of being run over by traffic, by agents of Scientology. Various other civil and human rights activists had reported that when Scientology agents believe they are being video or audio recorded, they cease or limit such abuse (this is important to remember when I address the GPS unit).

As such, on July 5 2000 I went to celebrate the birth of our Nation by protesting Scientology management’s human rights abuses in general, and the alleged criminal harassment of the civil and human rights activist Keith Henson in particular. I was also there to give my respects to Ashlee Shaner.

Since assault and abuse by Scientology agents appears to be mitigated by the presence of video and audio recording equipment, I wished to bring a tape recorder with me when I demonstrated against Scientology’s abuses. Unfortunately, I do not have a tape recorder, nor did I have the money to buy one. However, I do have a microphone, and I have a device that looks very similar to a tape recording machine: a hand-held GPS unit. I taped the plug of the microphone to the GPS case, and pinned the microphone to my hat: I made the GPS unit look like a tape recorder in the hopes of deterring assault, battery, and verbal abuse against my person.

When I arrived at the protest site, I was very pleased to see Mr. Henson there protesting (at the time I believed he had already gone back to his residence at Palo Alto). Mr. Henson was not being assaulted when I arrived; he was, however, being slightly annoyed by two Scientology agents assigned to stalk him: one walking in front of him, the other walking behind him. I parked my car, and I and another human rights activist got out and went to join Mr. Henson.

Unfortunately, the Scientology agents sent into the street to “handle” us appeared to know that my GPS unit was not a tape recorder: one or the other may have been familiar with hand-held GPS units and was not fooled.

Since I just happened to have a GPS unit with me, and since while there protesting I recalled the interest among the human rights community to know the accurate geographic location of the compound, I spent a few minutes using the GPS unit to take the Longitude and Latitude location of the area.

As such, the GPS readings were the result of a fluke: Mr. Henson had no knowledge of the event. As far as I know, he had no idea what I was doing, as he may not have been familiar with what a hand-held GPS unit looks like. Mr. Henson did say later that he thought that me and my GPS was “silly:” I agreed— taking the GPS readings was for my own amusement, which I shared with the civil and human rights community on the Internet. Only an imbecile or a madman would consider this a “threat.”

(Previously, on June 25 2000, Scientology management itself provided conclusive proof that they do not consider picketers and protesters physically threatening: they provided conclusive proof that they fear the words on the human rights activists’ protest signs, and do not fear the human rights activists themselves: I will explain below.)

Let the record also show that in my presence Keith Henson has never, by word or by deed or by implication, shown anything other than compassion and sympathy for Scientologists. He has never in my presence, nor on the Internet, threatened any Scientologist (individually or collectively) with violence. Mr. Henson is out there fighting for Scientologists’ rights, not against them: the Scientology organization realizes that fact, and is trying to silence his dissenting opinion of them via their deceptive claims of being “threatened” by him. Anyone who has monitored the situation will, in my opinion, see this to be blatantly apparent. Mister Henson is defending Scientologists against crimes and abuses committed against them by Scientology management, and is thus working for Scientologists, not against them.

In my opinion, Mister Keith Henson is a hero: I was very proud to meet him and shake his hand. His great courage in the face of astounding abuse and harassment at the hands of Scientology Inc. has been a vast inspiration to thousands of other human rights activists throughout the world. In my opinion, the State does not have a valid case against him.

If the State asserts that Scientology Inc. feels “threatened” by picketers and protesters (and presumably the recording of GPS Longitude and Latitude coordinates), the State need only consider the actions of Scientology management on June 25 2000. Also, if the State continues to refuse to see the fact that it is Keith Henson’s words Scientology Inc. fears and not his imaginary “threats,” Scientology management’s actions on June 25 2000 will correct the State’s false assertions.

On June 25 2000 I arrived at the “Golden Era” compound specifically to protest the avoidable death of Ashlee Shaner. When I arrived with a friend, we spent fifteen minutes at her tiny roadside memorial making Native American “prayer feathers” in her memory. We then picked up our protest signs and walked up the road. Unknown to us at the time, yet another young woman was dying on the “Golden Era” compound at that very moment (Stacy Moxon).

Scientology management came out and tried very hard to make us leave before news teams could arrive and see our protest signs and talk to us. It would have been a huge public relations injury to have two protesters protesting one death while yet another death was occuring.

Ken Hoden (from the Scientology’s so-called “public relations” department, The Office of Special Affairs) was sent out to talk us into GOING AWAY WITH HIM to a restaurant to have breakfast: he even said he would pay for the meal. When we declined, another woman was sent out and she, too, PLEADED with us to go with her somewhere for breakfast. (She also faked a knee injury to keep us from walking up the road to meet news crews when they arrived.)

These actions were not those of people who feared physical harm: they were the actions of people who feared the words on our protest signs, and our potential words to the news crews who were, unknown to us at the time, on their way to cover the latest death. In all, four people came out to “shoo” us away before news reporters arrived, even as Ms. Moxon’s body was still twitching in a power transformer vault. None of them gave any hint that they felt in any way physically threatened by us— their behavior showed the exact opposite! I ask the Court: if you believed or felt yourself to be physically threatened by someone, would you invite your perceived threatener out for breakfast?

I hereby swear that the foregoing is true and accurate under penalty of perjury of the laws of the Commonwealths of California and Hawai’i.


Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

20 years in Scn…
I was an auditor for 10 years. Some said I
was the best auditor they’d ever had. Maybe.
I loved the tech and I was a fierce defender
of Scn. Seeing my pcs win was better than
getting auditing myself. My own auditing, for the most part, was nothing short of nirvana and
enlightenment on a regular basis.
A few SO missions into the org in ’96 convinced me
that Scn was on the way down. 100 hour week, No sleep. Little food. No pay. It’s only a body?
Try running up and down stairs 14 hours per day
on 200 calories per day. I lost 30 lbs in 2 months.
The invalidation and rage-filled shakedowns
at a time when I had highest ever stats
was the final blow.
I remember that, on the day before the March 13th
event, as a director I had gotten
highest ever stats for my department. And
this in one of the oldest orgs on the planet.
Just before the big birthday event (LRH’s
birthday), the SO Mission I/C got in my face
and, with blood-curdling force and intention,
screamed, “Why didn’t you get more hours?????”
That was it for me. This org had been there
for 40 years, and I get highest ever Well Done
Auditing Hours. And then this.
Sorry, this isn’t what I signed up for.
I signed up for theta, freeing beings, creating
an artistic environment, working
with a team that respects its fellows and
engenders trust and loyalty.
I suffered through the following ‘ethics
handlings’ until, financially broke and
complete demoralized, I called my mother
and asked her to wire me some money.
I left that day, 13 years ago.
With all that I’ve read in the last few years, it’s
starting to make sense. I was a devotee. I
knew the tech worked. I’m not one of those
‘All Scn is bad’ people. I know it works. I just
can’t audit in an environment where they’re
looking for the next witch to burn…..
Maybe some beings who are strong enough and
have the command intention will be able to
patch Scn back together.
What a job that will be!
I’m sure that most who blow after years on
staff are simply trying to figure out how to
live in the wog world.
If Scn does return (it’s been gone for a while),
I’ll be back, ready to audit again.
Until then, it’s just another day on
planet earth.

Jim Conley and Bridge Pub are why I left…

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

 I was only in the organization of Scientology for a year (I joined at the end of 2006, and left in 2007.)  There were things that drew me to the religion and ultimately things that caused me to leave.

 What I Liked

I liked the positive people at the local mission. 

I liked the fact they had “answers” to my questions

I had several “wins” early on


Why I Left

The first indication that something was wrong with this organization came early on for me.  My wife was not a Scientologist, and I was trying to get her some interest in the religion.  I took her to the Celebrity Center in Hollywood and there my wife had a reaction while someone was giving us the “tour.”  My wife nearly fainted (she got light headed and almost collapsed) as he was going over what a “suppressive person” is.  To the Scientologists there, it was an indication that this was a trigger in my wife… and that she was being suppressed by someone.   I also believed that as there is a family member who is very destructive in her life.  Anyway, they took us to a room and instead of doing something to help her, they offered her a course we’d pay for.  The course was called “Ups and Downs” (which I had taken already at local Scientology mission.)  They pressured us into getting this course and ultimately I said, “well Hollywood is very far for us to drive, we would be better off taking the course at our local mission in Upland California.”  They responded with, “but do they have a Spanish speaking course room supervisor?”  You see my wife was a native Spanish speaker, her English was a 2nd language and she wasn’t too versed in English.  The Scientologist here was, Athena.  Athena spoke Spanish and was called in to talk to my wife about her near fainting spell.  Athena did try to do a bit of discovery on what could be causing my wife this problem – but ultimately she wanted to sell her on this course.  The course was $20 more then our local mission charged… but Athena informed us that the Course Room Supervisor at the Celebrity Center was a native Spanish Speaker from Mexico.    When my wife arrived at the course room we discovered that the supervisor was not from Mexico, nor was she a Spanish speaker.  When we brought this up to the supervisor, the supervisor went into a rage and vented about the people who are selling the classes under false pretense. 


That was the first flag.


The second warning came when I got a phone call around October/Sept of 2007.  I received a phone call from Bridge Publications… it was a young woman on the line who went on and on about wanting to help me.  I thought she must be selling something but in the hour we talked on the phone she was just talking about Scientology and where I was on the Bridge. At one point, she transfers the phone to someone else, who then talks to me for another hour.  The phone kept getting transferred till I had been on the phone call for over 4 hours.  I had had enough.  The last person I talked to on the call was a fellow named Jim Conley.  Jim was an Australian and all about the “hard sell.”  He convinced me to spend about $2500 on the cd’s and books for the courses.  Little did I know at the time, that most of this stuff sells on for penny’s to the dollar.  Anyway… I dropped the money. 


One month later, Jim Conley is calling me again… and this time he leaves a voicemail wanting me to spend another $2000 on another CD package.  I decide I’ll avoid him, so I stop answering the phone.  In the course of 1 week (Thanksgiving Week) Jim called me over 40 times!  He left about a dozen voicemails and on Thanksgiving day he called me twice!  It felt very stalkerish.  Many times Jim would chain call me… he’d call, then when he got voicemail, he’d call again, and again…  But I persisted in not answering.  My wife was getting tired of this and told me just to talk to him and tell him I’m not interested in spending money right now. 


I chose to call Jim while driving to work one day.  I figured that would limit the phone call to a specific amount of time.  Jim began his hard sell… he told me about the product, and I told him my job was ending and I wasn’t in a position to spend money right now, as I was needing to get a new job.  He then said, “Then you MUST buy these.  Since you said that you must prove to the Universe that you have the faith that you’ll get a new job.  This is the perfect way to prove that… buy these cd’s!”  I declined.  He told me he wanted to call me that night and I agreed.


Later that night Jim called me and started off with small talk.  He told me how he lives in one of the Scientology properties as a caretaker.  He showed me some pages in the Scientology Handbook that had photos of his kids, depicting various scenes. He tried to help me organize my life to get a new job…  But ultimately he got back to buying these cd’s.  I put the phone call on speaker so my wife could hear why I was avoiding talking to Jim.  The conversation went like this:


Jim: You really need these CD’s…. can you put these on a credit card?
me: No…. my cards are near their limits.

Jim: Oh! I have the answer. Call up one of your cards and ask for an extension of credit.

Me: Um… no thanks.

Jim: These CD’s will change your life

Me: But I haven’t even finished my last cd’s….

Jim: These are different… they work differently with you… let’s see… does your wife work?

Me: Huh? Um.. no she’s a house wife…


Me: No…. She just isn’t working right now….

Jim: We NEED to get her working… if she can hold a job for a little while, you can afford these CD’s!

Me: I really don’t want to put this on her. 

Jim: How do you file your taxes?
Me: Ok, I don’t want to talk about that.


This goes on for an hour.  Finally I tell him “NO” about 8 times.  He hands the phone to a young woman named Urika who tries to (what I felt) flirt with me… and I told her I was not going to buy and I was going to go to bed now as it’s getting late.


Jim jumps back on the phone call and asks why I’m heading to bed.


Jim: Who goes to bed this early? What else is more important right now?


This is where it got weird. Jim began some type of mind control attempt with me.


Jim: OK Listen… Listen closely to me, ‘you WILL Buy these Cd’s’

Me: No

Jim: OK OK OK Listen again, “YOU will BUY these CD’s”

Me: No

Jim: Ok listen carefully, “YOU WILL BUY THESE CD’S”


Each time he tried different inflections on different words – emphasizing things slightly differently.  Each time I said ‘no’ and honestly I began to laugh at him. It was just so stupid that he thought he could actually control me by his sheer will alone.


I ended up hanging up…. A few days later a package comes in the mail – it’s one of the CD’s I didn’t buy… and it was a charge of $900.  I called Scientolgy Bridge and they reversed the “mistaken” order. 


The next day another package of CD’s arrives – this time they didn’t’ charge me… it just arrived. I lost faith with Scientology as an Ethical org and called my credit card company to cancel my card and issue a new one to me.


Next I wrote my local mission and expressed my frustration with Jim Conley and Bridge Pub in their harassment of me.  My auditor stated, “Yeah I just don’t answer the phone sometimes.”  I was shocked that he, having more experience in Scientology then me, had no better way of dealing with these sales calls then just not answering his phone.


I was asked to come in and write a formal complaint.  I did.  Then I was given a tough attitude by the mission director that it was my fault… or my misunderstanding.  The directory couldn’t seem to understand that my problem was with the constant amount of money being requested of me.  Instead they interpreted the complaint as “not liking phone calls.” As though I had some weird button with being called. 


Jim Conley’s behavior is what convinced me that Scientology was all about my pocket book. 


The final straw with Scientology was my attendance to the IAS event in 2007.  I attended the event in Hollywood California with my wife (who didn’t really want to be there.)  We were told there would be “food provided” – yet the only “food” were a few cheese sticks here and there on trays.  My wife was starving… We sat through a 3 hour or more video presentation of Scientology…  and during that video something weird happened.


David Miscavage was on the video talking about how there was a core group of Scientologists who were acting as private investigators who were investigating various supposed SP’s around the world… and how they found enough dirt on a psychiatrist in Europe to have them arrested for sexual misconduct.  But the weird part is where David goes, “Not only did we get her arrested on the sexual misconduct – but they also filed charges against her for practicing witchcraft!” He, as well as the audience, laughs and cheers.


But wait, wasn’t Scientology the bastion of religious tolerance and freedom?  If anyone defends another’s beliefs (no matter how weird they may appear) shouldn’t it be these people?  Why were they cheering that they got someone in some other country arrested on charges of witchcraft? 


As we left the event, we were headed home and we had just left the tented area, when a older woman approaches me and asks if I could take some time to answer a few questions.  I explain that my wife is hungry and we need to go get some food.  She points to some cheese sticks and says “we have food” and I go… “No we need a regular dinner…” and she latterly screams.  She screams, “SIT DOWN!” and thrusts a chair in anger, before me.  I looked around and saw the Scientologist cop with the handle bar moustache watching what’s going on… others are staring… and I decided not to make a scene… so I took a seat at the table.


Another woman there asked if we could “give just a bit.”  She said, “even if you could give a mere $100, that would really help” and I stood up with my wife and we walked out.


That was the last straw. 


I wrote my mission that I was “taking a break” from Scientology.


I wrote Jim Conley and formally disconnected from him.


In looking back at it, I did have gains in Scientology… but mostly with Dianetics.  Scientology auditing did nothing for me.  I never was pressured to disconnect like some are.  I wanted to disconnect from some people but my mission tried to get me to work things out instead.  So I never had a disconnect pressure.  But what drove me out was the financial pressure.  To spend lots of money, with diminishing returns.  But even with all that, there are times I miss the people.  I miss some of the classes… and some of what I was taught did really help me 300% in my life.

A disconnection story

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

I was in Scientology for 34 years, from 1971 at the age of 19 until 2005, age 54. I was in the Sea Org twice, in 1974 and 2005. I blew from the Sea Org both times. The second time was final, and I am out 4 years, and will never go back to Scientology for any reason. I achieved the highest level so far attainable in Scientology: OT 8, and I did all 3 “L” rundowns, as well as extensive auditor and ethics training. I left the Flag Service Orgnization with my wife, after 4 months, when it became apparent that the working conditions there were abusive and violated basic human requirements for health and sanity. I am referring to 110 hour a week schedules, and a per meal budget of around 50 cents per person. This comes from a staff meeting where the Captain FSO at the time, mentioned we were spending around $40,000 a week on electricity: roughly the same on food, to include about 3000 staff and 1000 Outer Org Trainees, or about 4000 people per meal, 20 meals per week ( no breakfast Saturday). It comes out to 50cents per meal. Good food was available if you had money to buy it with in the canteen. We were paid $50 a week, unless on TTC or in lower conditions of ethics. We were tired most of the time, and never adjusted to the life demands of a Sea Org member, and really, didn’t want to.
After leaving, I got back into communication with my 75 year old father , Allan, who lived in Northern California. He and his wife had been declared suppressive around Nov. 2001, and I had not spoken with him since that time. He was glad to hear from me. My Brother and 4 Sisters had also been disconnected from him for the same period. My wife got to know my Father over the phone, and we began to plan a visit, for Summer 2006. That visit came and went, and my wife Donna got along really with my Father and his wife, and we stayed in communication, and in February 2007, my Dad called to say he had been diagnosed with advanced esophageal cancer, and they said he would probably not survive a year. So, we went out in May and visited a good while, with him in he hospital. I had attempted to get word to my Brother and 4 Sisters, and had done so. 3 of them came up to his town, and went around town seeing his neighbors, but not visiting him or stopping by his house. It was either a PR move, or the most they could legally do under the terms of their religion. Either way, it was pitiful and I could not tell my Father they had been so close and not come to see him, as it would have broken his heart. He wanted only to say goodbye to them, and tell them he loved them. We went home, and a month later flew back on a few hours notice as he was near death. We arrived to find him almost impossible to talk to, but he did manage to say, he knew we were there and he thought it was wonderful we had been able to come. A few days later, we were with him when he passed away. The Church of Scientology says the disconnection poilicy is not enforced or even in existence. I know from personal experience it is in force and used to shield parishoners from outside influences telling the truth about conditions in the Sea Org, and the true state of International Management.
I have been cut off from my Mother, 4 Sisters, my Brother, and over 22 nieces and nephews, as well as my in-laws, many of whom I consider dear friends.
I saw Marc Headlys video done in Germany, and when his voice cracked with emotion and grief, I felt it like it has never left. It is always right there under the surface. Until we get our families back, Marc, let us decide we have each others’ back. I will not rest until this injustice is undone, until we both have our family connections restored. Anything less is simply a Human Rights violation, and unacceptable.

Blowing with a month-old baby

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

At eight months pregnant with my first child, I was advised by the hospital to stop putting in the hours I was doing (10 hours at the ‘church’ on staff and four at my wog-job) or my baby would be in grave danger as he was breech and in danger of coming early. It was agreed that I would C/S from home, with the folders being dropped off and picked up from my flat.

I had time to walk along the beach, and observe people having fun in the waves and playing volley ball and cricket. ‘Those poor people’, I thought. ‘They aren’t really happy. They don’t have Scientology!’

As the days went by, I began to think, ‘Maybe I’m the one who’s not happy. They sure look happy to me!’ and I began to question what I had given my life to, for the previous five years. My husband was coming home later and later – even going back to the org after his wog-job had finished, and I knew something wasn’t right. I didn’t dare say anything about what I had been thinking, as there was a Flag mission at our org right at that time, and they were sec-checking anyone and everyone. If I mentioned that I was having doubts, it would have been a crime for him not to tell, so I kept it to myself.

Two weeks after I had the baby, my mother came over to Sydney from New Zealand to see us. She didn’t say anything about our circumstances (scungy flat, husband not home until after midnight, no money …..) but maintained a positive attitude, and taught me some homecraft/ mothering skills that I was obviously lacking. She suggested that I come home with her when she left, for a little holiday, and I thought that would be great, as I still had another two weeks of maternity leave owing after she returned to NZ.

How wrong could I be?

My mother booked her ticket home, as well as a return trip for me, and I let the Director of Processing (my senior) know that I was going home for two weeks. I was very excited as my sister had two children that I had never seen, and it had been two years since I had seen my Dad.

My husband continued to arrive home very late at night, and was very very stressed about something which he couldn’t tell me. We hardly communicated, as I was so excited to be going home, but I did not want to tell him how excited I was because of him being sec-checked, and because of how glum he was.

The day we were due to fly out was coming closer, and I had heard nothing from the org. I assumed it was all approved, but at midnight the night before my departure date, there was a knock at the door. I was having trouble settling the baby, so was awake, but did not want to open the door. I heard my name being called, and my husband went to the door. My mother came and took the baby into her room, and I could see she was very afraid.

My husband opened the door and standing there was our very dear friend in black clothing with a grey arm band around her upper arm with a Sea Org member. She had been crying and looked a wreck. She began to sob. ‘You can’t go back to New Zealand!’ she cried. ‘You have to come back on post tomorrow. Your leave has not been approved!’

‘What do you mean, not approved? I still have two weeks’ maternity leave,’ I replied.

‘No, you don’t! You had the two weeks before you had the baby when you were in hospital. That is part of your maternity leave!’

‘That’s crap. I’m going home with my mother,’ I retorted, to which my friend began to wail and beg me. ‘Please come back with me now. If you don’t I have to stay in the lower conditions. My amends was to get you to come back!’ She was on her knees begging me, telling me that my mother was an SP.

I turned back to the bedroom and my husband shut the door in her face and followed me. We tried to sleep, but the worry and fear were too great. Another knock followed soon after, and when my husband opened the door, there were three Sea Org members there in full uniform. They demanded that I come with them right there and then, and said that if my husband didn’t enforce this, he would be put in the lower conditions for supporting a suppressive act. (Me going home). They also had some source about my mother being an SP, and I began to feel absolutely terrified. It occurred to me very briefly that perhaps my mother was an SP, and then I heard her singing to the baby to get him off to sleep.

The S.O. members went with my husband down to a phone box at the corner of the street to ring the ED, and I was very scared he wouldn’t come back. He came back alone, but didn’t tell me what the conversation had been about with the ED, and I began to worry that he was going to make me go into the Org. We lay down to try and sleep again, but there was another knock at the door. It was about 4am now. My husband opened the door to some Flag people. I peered around the door, and I heard them demand once again that I come into the org that very minute. I heard my husband say, ‘Don’t worry. She’ll be there in the morning. She won’t be going home with her mother’, and they left. He came back into the bedroom and I collapsed.

He picked me up off the floor and tried to console me. He said that he’d only said that to get rid of them, and of course I must go home with my mother the next day. He then poured out all that was happening in the Org, with the Flag mission declaring good people all over the place and really creating havoc in our Org. He had been thinking about leaving for a long time but hadn’t wanted to tell me because of Leaving and Leaves. We cried until daybreak, and that day I flew out of Sydney with my mother.

My husband was due to fly out in a week, (my mother had booked the tickets for him to join me for the last week of the holidays) and he went back on post. He had to act as if we had separated and that he didn’t agree with me going home. After the week he escaped to New Zealand, and during that week we decided not to return to Sydney at all. He had to return to pack all of our gear and sell our wee car, and he didn’t tell anyone he was returning. We had become friendly with our neighbours and they helped him pack our stuff and let him stay at their house. At the airport when he was leaving for home, some Scientologists caught him at the airport and pulled his luggage off the trolley. One was a very dear friend who had been with us at the birth of our son. He was begging my husband to stay just a little longer to give him the strength to leave as well, but my husband knew it was now or never.

He managed to get home, but for the next two or so years Scientologists from Sydney rang and called on us regularly to try and get us back. They still harped on about my mother being an SP.

This was in 1983. It’s still as vivid to me now as it was then.


Sunday, October 25th, 2009

By Gene Decheff

I have told my story of leaving the Gold/Int base at various times to various people over the last 19 years and decided to put it out there for anyone who is interested. I also decided to refuse to be intimidated, and use my real name, as the story makes it obvious who I am anyway. I have also already been part of an investigation by a private investigator sent by the Church and they found nothing. This is a factual account of my experience, not an attack on the Church or anyone in it. The Church should have nothing to fear from the truth of what occurred.

In the fall of 1990 I was a Gold staff member working in Estates after getting off the RPF for the third time. My wife had been approved for RTC after several successful years as CO CMO IXU in PAC. DM found out about this and cancelled the approval and put her in HCO Gold. She had also recently done a successful recruit mission that got a lot of people approved and sent to Gold from PAC.

In September of 1990 it was decided to send her back to PAC to recruit more people for Gold. She was given a quota and a time target to do this. This time it did not go as well. On October 8th she was ordered back to Gold. She knew she would end up digging ditches or worse. At that time we were sharing a two bedroom apartment at the Devonshire Apartments in Hemet. The couple we were sharing with just happened to be the CO Gold, Wendell Reynolds and his wife. Getting the recall was the final straw for my wife. We were one of the lucky few Gold/Int staff who had a car. She left LA, drove to the apartment, packed some clothes and hit the road.

At this time we had already been married for 10 years. Our marriage had survived through thick and thin, including my 3 RPF assignments when I would not see her for months at a time, missions all over the world, transfers, etc.
This is where it gets interesting. At the time my wife was on her way to freedom, I was chosen to go on a project ordered by DM to complete the security fencing around the Base. I was in briefing for this project in CMO Gold when I was told my wife had blown. This was a shocker, to say the least. I knew she had not been happy since being transferred to Int/Gold, but I did not expect her to blow.

Anyone reading this that is familiar with “Mission Tech” knows that before you fire on a mission or project, you have to be approved by HCO and Qual. This means you have to be in a good state of mind, with no “case” issues, no ethics issues, and no PRESENT TIME PROBLEMS in your life. Well, after a phone call to my wife at her parents’ with Security present, I was fired on the project. Security and everyone else I talked to assured me that she would be back. I knew different.
This was the point I decided I was done. I continued on the project, with Andre Tabayoyn as the Project In Charge, and Kevin O’Hare.

One night after work I returned to the Devonshire Apartments. They had an outside pay phone and I used it to call my wife. That is when told her was done and was going to join her. I continued to call her from that pay phone a few times a week for a couple weeks. I was very afraid someone would see me and report it. They never did. I figured either everyone really did think she was coming back, or they really were clueless of what was going on.

I started quietly packing a few small boxes of personal belongings at night and hiding them in my closet. I don’t even remember how I got the boxes as this would have been a dead giveaway if I had been seen.
I decided on the date I would leave and made the last call to my wife.

Here is another amazing key part of the story. One obvious factor in leaving the Sea Org after 11 years is MONEY. Few SO members were able to accumulate any savings, myself included. Somehow a few months earlier I received a pre-approved letter from Discover Card. I accepted the card and it made it to me through Security. This was especially odd since I had previously had a Visa card while at Flag that had to be charged off due to months in the RPF and no way to pay off the balance.

On the morning of 22 October, I got up at about 4am and with Discover Card in hand, quietly slipped out of the apartment and walked about 5 miles to the Ryder truck rental store in Hemet. I waited until they opened and rented a box van. I drove around Hemet until I knew the last bus had left to take the crew to the Base.

I knew it would only be a matter of time before I was missed and someone would come looking for me. I was loading everything I could, as fast as I could, into the truck when Andre arrived. He asked what I was doing and I told him I was leaving. Of course he tried any way he could to get me to change my mind. I continued loading the truck. Then, knowing it was also HIS ass if I were to succeed in leaving, he asked me to stay until he called Security. This is where everyone is going to think I was nuts. I agreed. I guess I figured that if I cooperated, they would eventually let me go, as opposed to fighting them.

About thirty minutes later, Jackson from Security arrived. He also tried every possible way he could think of to get me to stay. Finally as a last resort got me to agree to come back to the Base so Security could go through the truck. Again, I agreed, for the same reason. My biggest fear about this was that I would no longer be in a public area like the apartments if I needed help. I would now be on private property behind a fence with gates and no way to get help.

I arrived back at the Base between noon and 1pm. I was met by two security guards. They got into the back of the truck and got busy searching everything that I had.
They went through every page, of every book I had. They took any photos out of my albums that had ANY Scientology significance, i.e.; anyone in SO uniform, any Church buildings, etc. After being in the CMO for a total of 4 years, I had some gifts that I had received from LRH that were given on special occasions, like Birthday, SO Day, etc. Those were also confiscated. At one point I sensed that they were getting frustrated about not finding enough booty to confiscate. One of the guards happened to look down at my feet and said; “are those uniform issue?” He was referring to the work boots I was wearing. They had been issued to me as part of my Estates uniform. He told me I would have to leave them as they were Church property. I took off the boots and handed them to him. I dug through some things in the truck and came up with an old pair of cowboy boots I had and put them on.

Now it was about 4pm, and after over 3 hours of searching the truck, to my surprise and relief I was allowed to leave the Base. I drove to the Denny’s in Beaumont and called my wife. I was free. I had lunch and hit the road and never looked back. I reunited with my wife at her sisters’ in Vancouver, Washington and we started rebuilding our life. We will celebrate our 29th anniversary this December.