Long Time Gone

I just finished Marc’s book – It took me back to my Scn. days [days I now refer to as my days as part of the “Super Adventure Club.”] My husband and I were Mission Holders in the 1970s. This all came to an end in 1982 at the S.F. Mission Holder Convention. It was my first and final encounter with Mr. Miscavage. After that convention, I spent a few years putting as much distance (both physical and emotion) as I could between Scn. and my family.
I was first curious then enthralled, then vindicated, as Marc outlined and catalogued the devastating and psycopathic behavior of Mr. Miscavage. It is really a study of a specific and particular psychopathic personality as well as a view of what we can only call “brainwashing” from the “inside” point of view. For those of use who belonged and left, it is hard to describe the hooks and tendrils that kept us in this abusive relationship. Part of it was the use of one’s intimate relationships to manipulate and intimidate. And I have to say , part of it was the connection with some great people and the fun that we had. It was easy for me to leave, because everyone I liked left at the same time that I did. There was then no reason to stay.
I knew and was friends with Hugh Whitt, back in the 1970s and still have close relationships with some mututal friends. It was good to hear about him, and I can only pray that he has extricated himself from the spider’s web, and is a happy man.
Keep writing and speaking Marc. Many more will follow, and I feel certain that you will get your family back one fine day. The truth and one’s desire to be free will work their way past the haze of fear and misinformation in which people languish, even if it takes a lifetime.