Blown For Good

I am an ex-sea org member from 1973-1986. Was External Comm Aide at the Flag Operations Liaison Office in New York for most of that time and have direct experience with all of the details in your book plus those years previous to your time in Golden Era Studios….. ahem! Met with Arnie Lerma there a few years ago at his invitation. Knew him from my days in New York and the LRH Household Unit prior to the establishment of the Flag Land Base in Clearwater. Was Bosun of the RPF there in 1985 with Owen and Nan Starkey as my MAA and CS respectively. Lots of data here but certainly not as articulate as yours! I think that you should create a movie as what you wrote is a perfect script for one and the background would be quite easy to recreate on set. Just want to commend you for what you have done. It is right on the Marc! Thank you…. Chris

ps: I am involved and engaged with a women from Iraq with direct experience of that episode and Saddam who for all intents and purposes dramatized the same characteristics as DM as dictator reference for example Saddam’s handling of the Iraqi Soccer Team –  but as well I have used Study Tech to study all of the subjects and data that are forbidden to Scientologists (per KSW) and my cognitive understanding of this whole deal is not something others would understand easily without having been there and done that. Kind of like picking the cosmic lock of all locks with the right combination and yet that accomplishment means nothing to anyone else! How to explain it? That is the question! All I can say again is that you made the right decision and I would desire others to make the right decision as well but it is a sticky problem and one that one must solve for one’s self….. That is truly the win of all wins and perhaps what makes this whole adventure worthwhile. Once you have that cognition you will never be fooled again!

pps: I am a Vietnam Vet prior to the Sea Org Vet status.  And before that connected to the Rockefeller orbit with my family in the Arts. Actually David Rockefeller is a neighbor up in Bar Harbor Maine! So my story has many roots!  FYI