In 1991-1993 the Golden Era compound was my client

Great work Mark, I’m just now about 1/4th into the book. I was compelled to purchase due to the odd circumstances going on around me right now. No, I’m not a Scientologist, never was, never will be, but I did do a fair amount of work for the compound there in Gilman Hot Springs, as well as the Ranch. I was the pest control guy from Ecolab.

It’s weird – but just recently all these memories have been rushing back due to your book. I’ve been driven now to understand more about what it is that goes on behind the curtain. I hope that your book finds its way into the hands of folks needing to be rescued from such a misguided dictatorship.

I wonder if I ever met some of the people you know, or vice versa. I keep reading on as you describe places I’m very familiar with inside the compound.

In 1992, when I would arrive to handle my work (late at night) there was a very nice tall blond there that used to walk around with me everywhere I had to go. She had on the standard issue clothes, boots, and long straight blond hair, very pretty girl. Can’t remember her name! Sure would like to know what came of her.

There was a lady in charge of keeping the fly population down, and she took advice from me and created these large 5 gallon jugs which became traps for the flys – she placed many out around the grounds – it worked well, and she always praised my ingenuity.

I figure there are few outsiders that get access to the camp there – and I was one of them. Had interesting chats with folks there just to better understand what they were doing there.