In and out more than meets the eye

I was in Scientology at the Mission of Riverside in California in 1976, Something was a missed each time I went their. I joined staff. I was manipulated out of inheritance money with false promises. I was asked to join sea org, I went through the process. I did not make it too much debt. I inutitively new of hubbard on spiritual level. I digress on this.
I left back for Minnesota, life changed for me and I found out simularities in all religions that deeply engrained individuals and programs them to fit society. Not the draining the enery of the heart that the Great Spirit intends.
In 1977 I recieved a Call from Brent and Mary Corydon executive of the Mission of Riverside. I was informed that they were relieved of duties and my former auditor was in charge.
This was after I had written a complaint letter to sea org concerning ethic violations, I explained my what had occured in the violation of the dynamic and named names.
I did not inform the corydons of this notice.
I later read a book by Brent Corydon called, Madman or Messiah, A book about his experiences concerning Scientology and interviews of former scientologist.
In minneapolis, I was at the wake of Hubbards death. I feel the greatest moment in history, out side having a pope die.

Listening to Coast to Coast and doing some research on my own through other reading, Expansions, Maitreya, Christianity writings, and First wave Indigos. I discovered a formula that the leaders of the organizations were mentally mind controlled by out side resourses. Using electronics now to control the human body.
The programming goes something like this.
Monarchy government Religious/dogma
the main purpose is to control bodies and create and generate control economic resourses. Their is nothing spirital at all concerning these organizations.
This includes drug companies, psychiatry, Multi media and communications including the movie industry. It is basically designed to instill emotional fear, manipulate the fear, and create unconscious realities.
I feel this is the attempt to cover up the truth and corrupt the light that each of us were born with.
There is a Native American Expession that I would call all of these. That is Fork Tongue. Or as my dad use to say do as I say and not as I do. I feel that this is the same MO as all of the organizations follow. Or as the old saying can’t beat them Join them.

I find solice, in reading zen buddist and Tao books. I also find it a great benefit in reading Dr.
Duane Dwyer books. I hope this helps.

I will email my diagram and thoughts when I can get it down loaded into my computer.

Thank you marc for being on Coast to
Coast. I hope you are doing well, looking forward to reading you book.

sheldon oscar sach sagmo