I left Scientology 25yrs ago

When I was 16yrs, I paused by $cientology Center looking into their window and was about to walk, a female $cn. staff quickly ran-out grab me in, ask to take a free personality test.
After the test she told me the wrongs about me and they can help me. Convince me to cough up $100.00 signed up for Communication (Com.) Course, without my Parents written consent. Then the Hook is set in on me at that Time, I was young, stupid and gullible.
This is in early the 1970’s, I was 16yrs old just a few months away, I’ll graduate from High School ready for Technical College.The $cn. Celebrities were Issacs Hayes, Karen Black, Chick Corea. There’s a Cold War between USSR and USA.
L.Ron had HCO bulletin out. About the world have enough nuclear weapons to fry every Man Woman and Child in this Planet
There’s an urgency “To Clear This Planet”. There’s black and white potrait of L.Ron and poster slogan “let’s make this perfectly clear” with background photo of Planet Earth. in most rooms of $cn. Org.