BFG Review

I just finished Blown for Good and I want everyone to read this book! It reads fast, with an ton of anticipation for what is to come next. There are plenty of humerous moments, and some are just outright funny. Marc has a fine wit, well tuned to Southern California hipness. This story has it all: suffering under an executive strata that is heavy with Chiefs and light on Indians, Marc endures unbelievable hardship, but the light of human perserverance shines through, and he comes through alive to tell the tale. I too am cut off from loved ones due to the policies of the “Church of Scientology”, and a relative or two pops up in Marcs book. For those who are unfamiliar with the jargon of Scientology, Marc provides a complete glossary at the end of his book. I loved Blown for Good. I’m glad to see some light shed on this dark secret in Gilman Hot Springs, California. Michael Henderson St. Petersburg, Florida