A disconnection story

I was in Scientology for 34 years, from 1971 at the age of 19 until 2005, age 54. I was in the Sea Org twice, in 1974 and 2005. I blew from the Sea Org both times. The second time was final, and I am out 4 years, and will never go back to Scientology for any reason. I achieved the highest level so far attainable in Scientology: OT 8, and I did all 3 “L” rundowns, as well as extensive auditor and ethics training. I left the Flag Service Orgnization with my wife, after 4 months, when it became apparent that the working conditions there were abusive and violated basic human requirements for health and sanity. I am referring to 110 hour a week schedules, and a per meal budget of around 50 cents per person. This comes from a staff meeting where the Captain FSO at the time, mentioned we were spending around $40,000 a week on electricity: roughly the same on food, to include about 3000 staff and 1000 Outer Org Trainees, or about 4000 people per meal, 20 meals per week ( no breakfast Saturday). It comes out to 50cents per meal. Good food was available if you had money to buy it with in the canteen. We were paid $50 a week, unless on TTC or in lower conditions of ethics. We were tired most of the time, and never adjusted to the life demands of a Sea Org member, and really, didn’t want to.
After leaving, I got back into communication with my 75 year old father , Allan, who lived in Northern California. He and his wife had been declared suppressive around Nov. 2001, and I had not spoken with him since that time. He was glad to hear from me. My Brother and 4 Sisters had also been disconnected from him for the same period. My wife got to know my Father over the phone, and we began to plan a visit, for Summer 2006. That visit came and went, and my wife Donna got along really with my Father and his wife, and we stayed in communication, and in February 2007, my Dad called to say he had been diagnosed with advanced esophageal cancer, and they said he would probably not survive a year. So, we went out in May and visited a good while, with him in he hospital. I had attempted to get word to my Brother and 4 Sisters, and had done so. 3 of them came up to his town, and went around town seeing his neighbors, but not visiting him or stopping by his house. It was either a PR move, or the most they could legally do under the terms of their religion. Either way, it was pitiful and I could not tell my Father they had been so close and not come to see him, as it would have broken his heart. He wanted only to say goodbye to them, and tell them he loved them. We went home, and a month later flew back on a few hours notice as he was near death. We arrived to find him almost impossible to talk to, but he did manage to say, he knew we were there and he thought it was wonderful we had been able to come. A few days later, we were with him when he passed away. The Church of Scientology says the disconnection poilicy is not enforced or even in existence. I know from personal experience it is in force and used to shield parishoners from outside influences telling the truth about conditions in the Sea Org, and the true state of International Management.
I have been cut off from my Mother, 4 Sisters, my Brother, and over 22 nieces and nephews, as well as my in-laws, many of whom I consider dear friends.
I saw Marc Headlys video done in Germany, and when his voice cracked with emotion and grief, I felt it like it has never left. It is always right there under the surface. Until we get our families back, Marc, let us decide we have each others’ back. I will not rest until this injustice is undone, until we both have our family connections restored. Anything less is simply a Human Rights violation, and unacceptable.

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  1. Thanks so much for telling your story. You’ve come to a good place at last and, thankfully, in time to be reconciled to your Dad. I’m praying you get your families back soon.

  2. Have you tried to do a book search for your book, via any of the major book stores on-line. None bring up your book (for sale), except your site). This seems strange, as most stores w/should carry your book, don’t you think? This makes me wonder why your book can only be found on your web site. Do you think there is a Scientology connection; i.e., restricting your book availability via other outlets?

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