Major Declared SP on Facebook?

Scilons back on Facebook sending messages to people listed as my friends.

Jim Meskimen is new Facebook friend censor for scientology

Last I checked, Lightfield Lewis did a small course in Scientology over a decade ago. So I guess that makes him the current expert on the subject. Also, not to be picky, but if David Miscavige is a “Captain” in the Sea Org and I have been assigned the status of “Major Declared SP” doesn’t that give me a higher rank than him? Just sayin’.

Also ironic that Jim Meskimen works for Jib Jab. Jib Jab are the guys that have made some of the funniest Scientology videos to ever hit the net. Whatever pays the bills, right Jim? But, kudos to Jim and Lightfield for plugging the book Jim! Next time link to the website [url=]Blown for Good – Behind the Iron Curtain of Scientology Official Blown for Good site.[/url] too! November 5th you can get your own copies and find out what David Miscavige has been hiding from you all these years.

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  1. Using knowledge, freedom or power to manipulate, deceive,confuse, or destroy is criminality and those beings whom engage in these type of manifestations are subject to the same.
    The Laws are what they are and have been so for quite some time. So Good Luck dave miscavige and to all those bewildered beings in agreement with you and your domination.
    I understand that tom cruise has some type bunker built….
    dont forget your pistol and poison.

    chow babe.

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