BFG Update – October 16th, 2009

Just wanted to give everybody an update in regards to what’s been going on in the past few months. I have been very busy so some of you might not have heard from me in awhile.

In terms of the case, it is moving forward. The Scientology organization has made several attempts to have the case dismissed or delayed and these have not worked. They have also reportedly spent three million dollars so far fighting this case. Obviously, this is insane as what we are asking for them to resolve in terms of the unpaid wages is LESS than what they have spent trying to make the case go away.  With the case going to trial, they are likely to spend at least 2-3 times what has been spent so far just on the trial proceedings! While this might seem like knee jerk wastage on the Scientology organization’s part, this is not new to them. On the Wollershiem case that went on for over two decades, they reportedly spent over 100 million dollars fighting the case and ended up paying him over 9 million dollars in the end. He originally asked for a under a million dollars in damages and refunds when the case first started.   If persons donating funds that go to the IAS knew they were burning their money, maybe they would not give them so much. This money is all coming from people that are giving it to them in the name of religious freedom. My case has NOTHING to do with the religion of Scientology. Most of what I have campaigned for in regards to my experiences with these people has NOTHING to do with any Scientology philosophies; it has to do with their organizations breaking labor and employment laws.

When I first started the Blownforgood website, it was my idea to get stories from those were also blown for good and then post them so the truth could be known. Former employees and members that had blown and were tracked down and brought back were numerous, but scattered all over the place. I figured that if I could get people to start speaking out about their horrible experiences, family members of these people could see what had REALLY happened and would reach out to these disconnected or Declared SP’s and reconnect with them. As I started getting stories sent into me, OSA got busy, REAL busy.

Kirsten Caetano and Tommy Davis started holding meetings with people. Some of these meetings were taking place at OSA International in Hollywood, California with scientology’s in house lawyers present. The meetings were being recorded and in most cases former members were told that if they signed a series of documents, the freeloader bills and SP declares would be cancelled. No documents could be taken from the meeting to be reviewed by outside attorneys.  Those people that refused to meet on Scientology turf, would end up meeting in a hotel somewhere, still with the familiar accoutrements of the recording devices and in house attorneys. Most if not all of these people either knew me well or were connected to me in some way. Tommy stated in numerous meetings that he now had the authority of the International Justice Chief and could cancel both Suppressive Person declares and Freeloader Bills.  There was only one proviso – they could not have any contact with Marc Headley. Tommy Davis & Kirsten Caetano would go so far as to tell people that they “could even talk to other Suppressive Persons all they wanted, but not to Marc Headley.”

At first I assumed that this was specifically isolated to those that knew me and local to the California area. Then I started getting calls and emails from people that I did not know in different states about these meetings. When I spoke to someone from Europe that I had never heard of in my life that Kirsten had flown all the way over there to meet with them, I was very surprised. I was even more surprised when she had told this person that I was attempting to destroy the religion of Scientology and was a member of Anonymous!

At this point, a few things were clearer to me.  The first was that I had sorely underestimated how much I was doing was affecting the organizations running scientology. The second was that they do not understand Anonymous and their operation.  At the very least, they have a crashing misunderstood regarding anonymous. Per the Miriam Webster dictionary, the word “anonymous”, the derivation of which is Late Latin anonymus, from Greek anōnymos, from a-onyma name — means:

1 : not named or identified.

So, by the very virtue that I have revealed who I am, I CANNOT be a member of Anonymous.  Duh. Even people that were being told this had spotted this outpoint. “If you know it is Marc Headley, then isn’t he no longer anonymous?”

Either way, hundreds of meetings took place, and many people were able to talk to their families again by cutting a deal with OSA, Tommy or Kirsten. Many refused to make any “deals” or sign any documents and these people would not be allowed to speak with family members again. Most people, no matter what deal they made, called me and told me what happened.

Without even posting one story on my site, I can safely say that at least 50 family members were reconnected that I KNOW OF due to these damage control meetings that being held. These meetings have continued to take place as recent of 3 weeks ago. Over one million dollars worth of freeloader bills have been cancelled.  At least 10 SP declares have been cancelled or suspended.

In addition to people being reconnected with their families, those who had no idea who I was, were at least given my name and interrogated regarding knowing or having contact with me. That was enough. Google is not only your friend but a very good friend to disgruntled scientologists around the world. I started getting contacted by people all over the place. I spoke with many scientologists that had family member in the Sea Org or on staff or just a regular ol’ scientologists that wanted to get my story straight from me.  Some decided that they would leave, some decided that they would stay and update me on what was happening from time to time. Some had even said that they would spread the word amongst those still in. Regardless of what these people decided to do, I could see that the kool-aid was being watered down or at least some members were developing some form of immunity to whatever current recipe David Miscavige was serving up.

While there is no doubt you have seen reports of very high level members leaving in recent weeks and months, there are many, many more on their way to leaving in the near future. With each new person that leaves, there are several more that will now be able to do so without fear of retribution or disconnection.

Based on the information that I recently obtained, OSA and RTC are overwhelmed with flaps at this point. Between Anonymous flash raids and protests all over the world, web sites with once secretive information popping up all over the place, former employees and staff telling their stories, and now hundreds of members leaving and taking their friends and family with them, the reports are flooding in regarding the destructive and in most cases, illegal activities of RTC and individual organizations. Add to this that David Miscavige is insisting on continuing his Ideal Org plan and fundraising actions across the globe and you have a self destruction plan in place that is sure to occur.

While this could be viewed as good news or hopeful information, it has not happened yet and until it does, I will continue to expose what I know and get the word out. I just had the website redone, my book is coming out in a few weeks and I am looking at doing some sort of trip to promote it. To all those that are fighting the fight, getting the word out and exposing the lies, I applaud you and I hope I can live up to your expectations.

Until next time…


P.S. Also, if someone could send me the contact info for the Big Pharma accounts people, that would be great. I still have not gotten one penny from them for anything that I have done!

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  1. Thanks so much for all that you’ve done and all that you will to to expose the truth. Waiting eagerly for your book.

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