BFG book is for Scientologists that have questions

To all those scientologists reading this site or things I have posted, I am not interested in challenging you or what you believe in. I spent over a decade producing the propaganda events that you were made to attend. I know that much of what you have been told is pure fiction. I also understand that many scientologists also know this or at least have suspected things going on are wrong or at least odd in some form or another.  If you have been given information about me, evaluate where your information is coming from. Is it coming from the same people that told you that they were going to build a Super Power building in Clearwater 15 years ago? It took less time to build the Empire State Building and at a fraction of the costs. Is it from the same people that told you they reviewed all of the Scientology books and made sure they were “completely 100% verified as on Source” in the 1980’s and then again in the 1990’s and then again a few years ago? Is it the same people that have been calling you on the phone at all times during the day or night asking you for money?  Well, I think you can see where this is going.

For 15 years, I worked at the International Headquarters of a business that specialized in getting a lot of money from a lot of people all over the world. This business had many different corporations and hundreds and hundreds of bank accounts all over the world. This business was run by one person and one person only the ENTIRE 15 years I worked there. This business was called Scientology. The person who made all of the decisions regarding how money was made and what new ways money would be gotten from people was David Miscavige. If something that was being done within any organization was not making money, then it was no longer to be done. For anyone that does not think that it is all about the money, think about that for a minute, and you will be sure to see the light.

I have written about my 15 years of employment at the Int Base and detailed out the conditions and events which occurred there. Some of these have been posted on the Internet. Most everything that I have written and much, much, more are detailed out in my new book – BLOWN for GOOD – behind the Iron Curtain of Scientology.

This book sheds a lot of light on many events that have occurred over the past two decades. Many of these events will make a lot more sense to you after you read the book. From the scientologists that HAVE read the book, one for one, they have expressed that this book explains a lot of things that they have never been told and WHY. After reading the book, many scientologists have been able to make sense for themselves why they did not leave earlier or even why they stayed AFTER reading the book. If you have doubts about why you are a scientologist, or just want to know what happens behind the scenes and have no intentions of ever leaving, this book is for you.

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