My name is Trish House.  I worked on Staff in the Sea Org intermittently for 6 years from 1983 to 1995.

Like most folks I was underpaid during that time; most weeks I made $35 per week. I do have some pay stubs from later years I worked at AOLA.  I spent a year on the RPF after taking care of around 135 children from ages 5 to 14years on my own for several months.  I had them from the time they finished school in the afternoon till their parents picked them up at night after 11pm and all day on weekends.  One afternoon a couple of the older kids blew from course to go buy Halloween stuff and they were robbed at knifepoint on the way back.  I was on course at the time.  The mother of one, being CO CMO, was so furious that she had me RPFed for not being there for her kid.  She also knew the circumstances of my situation and a couple weeks earlier had promised to send me some back up staff – she failed to do so.  During my RPF stay I was paid $1 per day and time-and-a-half on Sunday ($7.50 per week).  I worked on renovating the Manor Hotel for a year.

While I was at AOLA I was promoted to an Executive Ethics Officer position.  My senior was terrified of executive authority above him and once became physically violent with me after I reported some bad situation in the org.  After I reported that he became 1.1 and penalized me by illegally removing me from post, cutting my pay, assigning non-enturbulation orders on false charges, black PR’d me to other staff and frequently assigned me lower conditions on minor infractions.  He also told me that I would get a non-enturbulation order if my then husband misbehaved.  I since divorced him.

Because of this senior’s heavy ethics many staff members routed out and after my Junior routed out I was left holding the entire Income Department on my own ( I was Dir Income at the time) with $250,000 of income coming in per week.  I worked 20 hour days and slept on the couch in the public lounge till I got ill.  Because I was ill and not on post one morning I was assigned lower conditions by Ethics staff and ordered to scrub walls overnight.  I refused because my stats were up despite losing a junior and so was refused permission to see my mother who was in town for a couple of days from Australia.  I went anyway.  When I got back I was given a non-enturbulation order full of lies which was published base-wide.  I chose to leave staff at that time.  I routed out standardly which took many months.  But I was left with a $75,000 Freeloader debt which I have refused to pay back.

I wrote many, many standard Knowledge Reports all the way up to the top of the Org Board to ED INT, David Miscavige who was COB and to Mr. Mithoff who was Sr. CS. INT.  Though I was finally able to get a Committee of Evidence (nearly 6 years later) which found that I was illegally removed from post no standard action was taken against the people who caused the suppression.  In fact the senior who violently attacked me and other female staff was promoted to a position of the senior Ethics Officer over the Pacific Base Crew.  Several years later he was declared suppressive for physically attacking several other staff and for yelling at his PCs in NOTs sessions.

I would like to get compensation for the years of unpaid wages and for the limited social security benefits that I am entitled to because these were also underpaid.  Is it possible to join the law suit that is attempting to claim funds from fraudulent Church actions against me?  I have a lot of the reports and also the Ethics Order from the Committee of Evidence.


Trish House

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